Elation Media, Inc. is a vertically integrated content provider connecting advertisers and brands with highly engaged holistic consumers worldwide.

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Elation Media, Inc. is a vertically integrated content provider connecting advertisers and brands with highly engaged holistic consumers worldwide. Ninety days after funding, the Company will deliver exclusive body-mind news, information and entertainment to English language markets worldwide. Distribution across mobile devices, online platforms such as Roku, Netflix and AppleTV, smart TVs and Pay TV generate seven revenue streams. In short, the Company will do 3 things: (1) Content Acquisition; (2) Content Distribution; and (3) Content Monetization.

The Company is lead by chairman Gerald Levin, founder and former CEO of HBO and former chairman/CEO of Time Warner. Company founder/CEO is media executive Robert Schnitzer, a former film producer, director, writer and marketer of dozens of motion picture and TV ventures.

Elation Media provides consumers with exclusive, cutting edge content that is both entertaining and useful to them in these uncertain times. The Company serves the advertising industry by helping brands reach the holistic consumer market by connecting those brands to the Company’s content. Online TV and Pay TV multichannel operators benefit by offering their subscribers fresh, exclusive and highly popular content. Investors benefit by receiving a 10% APR on a 5-Year Convertible Note, bonus common shares at the time of subscribing, and successful execution of the Company’s exit strategy.

Products / Services

OTV Live and OTV On Demand

OTV Live is an ad-supported 24/7 anchored news magazine. It features live news, useful, cutting edge information and enlightened entertainment from a holistic perspective, similar to how cable channel ESPN News delivers news and information from a sports perspective. In addition, OTV Live will present previews of various programs then currently available on OTV On Demand, its sister channel.

The Company plans to add select motion pictures, comedy specials, concerts, game shows and dating games, all from a body-mind, holistic perspective.

OTV On Demand is an ad-supported on demand channel providing consumers with a selection of exclusive holistic programs in their entirety, many of which are previewed on OTV Live. OTV On Demand will also provide clips of previously broadcast OTV Live segments. OTV On Demand will be available to consumers by paid subscription. In addition, monthly live events produced by the Company will be available to consumers on a pay-per-view basis.


The Company plans to sell unique and exclusive sustainable products to consumers online (eCommerce) and though Company-produced 30 and 60 second home shopping commercials as part of its OTV Live and OTV On Demand programming. The Company will manage and process all orders; and most orders will be fulfilled (shipped) by the respective product distributors.

OTV Radio

Beginning in Month 10, the Company plans to produce and market a daily, live radio talk show to terrestrial radio broadcast stations throughout the U.S. and overseas, as well as online. Sales revenue consists of ad sales and programming license fees from broadcasters.

OTV Live Events

The Company plans to produce monthly live events by selling tickets to consumers attending these events and vendors renting booths or similar retail space at these events. In addition, the Company will broadcast the events live across multiple online platforms on a pay-per-view basis. Following each event, the Company expects to generate revenue from advertising sales and consumer subscription sales when live event coverage is edited into stand-alone programs as part of the Company’s programming assets.


Director Strategic Planning
Gerald Levin

Gerald LevinMr. Levin is the Chairman of Elation Media, Inc. He is the former Chairman/CEO of Time Warner Inc. He was the prime mover in the merger of Time Inc. and Warner Communications in 1990, Time Warner’s merger with Turner Broadcasting and CNN in 1996, and with AOL in 2001. Before assuming leadership of Time Warner, he was one of the founders of HBO and served as its first chairman/CEO. In addition, Levin has served as a Director of both the New York Stock Exchange and the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Earlier in his career, Levin was an attorney with Simpson Thacher and Bartlett, and then COO of D&R, an international investment and management firm. Levin graduated from Haverford College, where he eventually served as Chairman of the Board, and received a legal degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He is also a Trustee Emeritus of Hampshire College. He currently resides in Rockport, Maine and Los Angeles, California.

Chief Strategic Planning
Robert Schnitzer

Robert SchnitzerMr. Schnitzer is the Founder/CEO of Elation Media, Inc. He is a media executive operating in both the creative and financial aspects of the global media business. In 1996, he founded holistic production company Oasis TV, Inc. and in 1997, its successor-in-interest OTV Media Group, Inc. Schnitzer came to prominence as an independent filmmaker having written, produced and directed the classic feature film “Rebel” starring Sylvester Stallone, the award-winning psychic thriller “The Premonition,” and the musical love story “Kandyland.” In addition, Schnitzer has sold and arranged funding for dozens of media ventures and is often called upon to speak at conferences and other industry events. Formerly of Los Angeles and New York City, Schnitzer currently resides in Jackson, MS and maintains and office in Los Angeles, CA.


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