ReferralExchange Releases Directory of Real Estate Lead Sources

ReferralExchange, one of the real estate industry’s leading referral networks, has announced the release of their new online directory of 22 of the most active real estate lead sources in their network. The directory is made available July 22, 2019 through the ReferralExchange LIVE service to help agents see the various choices available for leads.

“There are over 100 million real estate leads generated each year, yet only 11 million home transaction sides closed in 2018, according to NAR. It is evident that real estate agents face a daunting challenge of focusing on the right lead sources,” says Myron Lo, chief strategy officer, ReferralExchange. “Balancing the tradeoff between quality versus quantity and exclusive versus non-exclusive leads is a real problem for real estate agents. Our directory will alleviate some of this burden by giving agents a head start on where to focus.”

Information provided in the directory includes company overviews; lead sources for each company; whether the company scrubs leads; pricing structures; and the platforms each company can integrate with.

“The new ReferralExchange directory helps to address one of the biggest pain points that real estate agents face: leads,” says Dave Garland, managing director of Second Century Ventures. “The market for real estate leads is vast and varied. With many sources and pricing models to choose from, the directory is a great start for real estate agents who are looking to grow their business through leads and referrals.”

ReferralExchange LIVE scrubs leads for their member agents. The company reported that 81 percent of these leads come via email to the real estate agent, 16 percent of the leads come to the real estate agent into their chosen customer relationship management platform, and 3 percent of the leads are manually entered. Of the lead sources they have seen, they reported that the best quality of scrubbed leads from come from Boomtown, Zillow and kvCore.

LIVE is a ReferralExchange service that manages third-party leads for agents by filtering, qualifying and live-transferring back interested prospects. LIVE currently manages leads from all of the sources in this directory.


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