Bullet SSD: Tiny & High Speed Drive – Fits On Your Key-Chain 1TB & 2TB capacity, 500MB/s Read & Write Speed, Weighs 18g, IP67, Works with MACs, PCs, Cameras, Tablets/Phones, for Everyday Carry EDC

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Bullet SSD is the ultimate portable external solid-state drive. It’s ultra lightweight, can store up to 2TB of data, and has high read and write speeds of 500MB/s. It fits right on your key-chain for everyday carry, so you can use it whenever wherever. Accessing all your important files offline has never been more convenient.

The biggest limitation of traditional external storage drives is that they are designed to be used with computers. Until now, they are also either too big to carry around or too small to have enough data storage and transfer speed. Now, with the Bullet Solid-state Drive, you can have all the benefits of a professional high speed high capacity SSD and the convenience of a thumb flash drive in one. The Bullet SSD is so convenient and powerful, you’ll be able to use it for everything you do.

Size does matter. That’s especially true for an everyday carry (EDC) item. The Bullet SSD is designed to be ultra lightweight and have the smallest footprint possible. Weighing just 18g and measuring only 51mm x 16mm x 8mm, it’s the world’s smallest high speed SSD. Just snap it onto your key-chain and you can have all your important files with you anywhere you go.

Unlike flash drives that have a similar size, the Bullet SSD is a full fledged solid-state drive that’s powered by TLC NAND, reaching consistent maximum transfer speeds of 500 MB/s. Transferring HD movies will only take 16 seconds and 4K movies in about 3 minutes. Due to its high read and write speeds, you can edit all your creative files directly from the Bullet SSD.

Testing Rig: AMD Ryzen 2400G, B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI, 16GB x2 DDR4 3200Mhz, WD BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD

The Bullet SSD may be small in physical size, but it’s got just as much storage capacity as any HDD or SSD. Choose from 1TB or 2TB; it’s enough for all your precious data.

We understand that all data is precious, many of them are images or videos that captured the most memorable moments in your life, or they are important files that are essential for your job or school work. That’s why Bullet SSD is made from a single piece of aerospace aluminum, which increases its durability. It’s also IP67 certified so you won’t have to worry about your data getting waterlogged.

The Bullet SSD is designed to meet your data storage needs in every aspect of your life. You can use it with desktop computers, laptops, cameras, smartphones, tablets, and even your gaming consoles.

The idea for the Bullet SSD was almost scrapped due to overheating issues. The problem with such a small external SSD is that it was too powerful for its size. The heat that was generated couldn’t be dispersed fast enough and lowered performance. To solve this problem we upgraded the flash controller to a low heat generating and energy efficient model.

We also employed graphene passive cooling technology by developing our own Graphene Heat Shield, which helps to quickly and evenly conduct thermal energy away from the hot spots to maintain a low operating temperature for optimal performance.

Prototype Demonstration

 project video thumbnail

 project video thumbnail

We are a new Startup trying to disrupt the digital storage industry by making external solid-state drives as small as possible, but not sacrifice any of its true speed potential. Alex is the tech wiz responsible for all technical aspects of the Bullet SSD. Calvin, with his business expertise, is responsible for all things related to the business side of the campaign, including budgeting and marketing. Li has mainly helped with correspondence with manufactures and suppliers, but his workload will ramp up once we head into production.

Risks and challenges

There are many risks when launching a new product to market. We’ve done our research very thoroughly and we have found that good communication is the best way to keep backers in the know about everything that goes right and wrong. We promise we will do our best in terms of sourcing and manufacturing all the different parts of the Bullet SSD to ensure a great product is made. In the process we hope to take everyone on a journey to see how the Bullet SSD is made, from factory to your doorsteps. If there are any setbacks, we promise to communicate them to you and do everything possible to fix the situation.


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