vide – your travel buddy An affordable handy vacuum compressor for saving up to 50% of your luggage space

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Save space

save over 50% space with “vide” and vacuum bag


“vide” can pump the balls in minutes

Travel comfort

inflate your air pillow just a gentle touch

all-in-one solution ….. “vide”

Travelling is being popular now and people do enjoy different cultures and embrace pleasant surprises during their journeys. From Tokyo shopping to Kyoto sightseeing, or from Pattaya sunshine to Bangkok night. A lot of souvenirs that need to be packed with a limited room?

Want to bring more surprises in a limited size of the baggage?

Sounds familiar to your stories?

We introduce the best travel buddy to you – “vide”

What is “vide”?

“vide” is a portable device you can carry with your check-in baggage but also creates extra space within your baggage.

“vide” is the most affordable, powerful and multi-functional vacuum & air pumping device. “vide” will compress a vacuum bag to create more space in a minute!

We believe “vide” can create a whole new experience for your travels, and making it your new essential travel buddy.

What “vide” works?

As per normal practice, clothes, bags and other soft materials occupied most space of your luggage. But the space in your luggage includes a lot of air. In fact, you carry a bunch of air during travelling!

“vide” is a vacuum compressor which can take the air out from your clothes and release more space for you.

Save space and get more. Save up to 50% of your baggage in 4 steps and in a minute.


“vide” is very tiny and portable, with only 85 mm (L) and 40mm (D), 100 grams in weight. It’s also battery-free for your check-in baggage.

Adaptable & Compatible

OH….., already have many vacuum bags at home? It’s OK!

“vide” comes with our own vacuum bag & accessories, “vide” is compatible with most vacuum bag in the market.

“vide” is not just a vacuum, but it can PUMP AIR IN!

“vide” will blow up your inflatables to chill out at the pool in the summer day, or even your air pillow during your flight.

Not familiar with water life? “vide” also BOOM up your basketballs or football in a minute.

What’s included with “vide”

With your order on Kickstarter you will receive a complete set of the following items:

A Traveller Pouch with “vide” x 1, Sucking Cup x 2, Bumping Accessories x 2, “vide” vacuum bag x 1

The most affordable price

The price of “vide” start from USD19 (Super 24 hours deal) and the price is only 50% of the price of brand “Y”, 33% of brand “P” and 23% of brand”V”.


All pledges will be shipped out in Feb 2020. Our engineer already finishes the tooling and ready for mass production.

Tooling of “vide” is ready for mass production.
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Risks and challenges

We try to do our absolute best to minimize the risk and challenges. We have done all the necessary preliminary work prior to coming to Kickstarter. We have also experienced in product development. [vide] that you see in the above video/photos are actual full working prototypes. With your support, we can bring [vide] to users worldwide. We are ready for mass production and your contribution will help us achieve economies of scale and keep the product cost low.


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