Gyro – The World’s Smallest Spinning Top Three-quarters of an inch, Gyro is the tiniest desk toy you’ve ever seen

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  • Q: Does the Gyro only come in two colours?
  • A: Depending on demand and requests, we are very likely to add more colours and/or materials.
  • Q: How much does shipping cost and where do you ship?
  • A: We offer Free Shipping across the world, regardless of where you are.
  • Q: How do I give you my address and colours?
  • A: You can provide all this info to us 14 days after the campaign ends using a free service called BackerKit. They’ll email you at the time to your Kickstarter email to collect these details.
  • Q: How much warranty do we get?
  • A: You get a one year warranty on all your Gyros.
  • Q: How can we contact you if we have any questions?
  • A: You may contact us through any of the below and we’ll aim to get back to you within the hour (We’re in GMT):
  • Kickstarter messages
  • Kickstarter comments – (if you’re a backer)
  • By email at: support (at) MalboroKane (dot) com
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Risks and challenges

We’re a four-time creator with three campaigns under our belt. Through our last couple of campaigns for the Claw and Sub on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we’ve had the support of over 7000+ backers raising over $270,000 in total. Progressing on to our site at, we went on to ship over 65,000 Claws to many thousands of happy customers, so we know how to get your spinner to you exactly how you want it. In order to ensure complete transparency, the samples you can see are final production samples which is exactly how yours will be made. We’ve done many months of prototyping to make sure that the final spinning top is perfectly weighted, polished and perfected so you get only the best from us. Some projects can come with delays, so we’ve made every effort to reduce them by preparing in advance for everything we need and getting ready for every scenario with backup manufacturers who have the exact same quality we see on the campaign. We know you guys have a lot of questions so we’ll keep an open line of communication with you all through the comments section and occasional updates to let you know where we are at every point.


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