S.P.D. is a small portable desk+LED light,fan & power bank! It is a practical & light support to read, eat or watch videos on your tablet while in bed, in an armchair, on the couch or in a park

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Hello everyone! I apologize for my imperfect English. Like many people I love outdoor life, doing sports, hiking, …. but also reading books both at home and outdoors … so the My brain has set in motion to find a solution to some small difficulties of everyday life. I have devised, designed and finally created with my hands a small craft object, which has existed for a long time, but updated with recent technologies and materials and made more functional, lightweight, and versatile for different uses.New so new … just “updated”! My hand made lectern is made of solid and lightweight aluminum and plexiglass.The prototype that I show in this campaign is natural aluminum color and tailor-made for me, but if my Kickstarter campaign will be successful I will be able to make it tailored to the specific requests of the client, just because it will not be produced in series, but according to the preferences of the applicant from time to time. It can be taller, wider or longer, the aluminum parts can be painted with the preferred color, the Plexiglas parts can be transparent or translucent or that do not pass light, as well as colored.


  • The prototype in the main movie has stiff but extendable feet, but as you can see in other movies and photos I can make specimens with feet always extendable but foldable on themselves, to be carried around, in parks, on vacation, in excursion, in the classroom study, in the library …. and also to be sent to my supporters in case this my fundraising campaign is successful as I hope with my heart.
  • You can use it in bed or on the sofa to read books, once closed the shelf and made horizontal you can use it to eat always in bed, or on the sofa, or wherever you want …. designed and built especially for those who struggle to get up, for those who have to use the computer outdoors and do not want to put it on the ground because it is dirty or ruined, to watch a movie from a distance on the tablet but also via wireless keyboard to use the tablet without necessarily having a table nearby. when you have the desk or table full of objects or documents and you can not move them because you lose their order … but lunchtime has arrived, or you have to use the computer, and we all know that it is not good for health to support it directly on our legs (we all felt heat and annoyance after a few hours of use), so you can use my portable lectern both to eat and to work on the computer to give you a relaxing reading … all in one object because it can i tilt it to your liking! Since the sofa and the bed are disconnected surfaces, any lectern would remain tilted … and the objects would slip or fall … but not with my …. you can adapt the length of the feet as well as to adjust the height in I read to your needs, also to compensate for the mattress or the sofa, lengthening and shortening each individual foot in order to have a perfectly horizontal support surface!
  • Unfortunately, now I have little space and few economic resources, but I ask the help of all my supporters to be able to transfer the production to a small mgazzino, buy workbenches, consumables and equipment.
  • I have patented my prototype not because it is just a lectern, as everyone knows exists for centuries, but because it incorporates a very useful ancient tool but built with modern materials and design and includes in a single object also technologies of our times and for the needs of the times today, I refer to the version with a small power bank built-in, rechargeable, and equipped with USB ports output to recharge your devices, both to operate the LED light supplied to read or eat in the dark, which in summer to make a nice mini but powerful fan work, always included in my lectern.
  • My lectern can be purchased in various versions, all customizable by the purchaser, including a small supplementary shelf that disappears and can be removed as needed … the lectern in standard dimensions is already quite large, but on request I can provide a small extractable shelf to place, for example, a small keyboard, or stationery such as pencils, pens, colors, or if you need a small additional shelf if necessary, and when it is no longer needed … disappears under the main shelf!
  • I tested the main shelf and bigger with 4.5 – 5 kg of weight and held up well, probably holds more but I think that for the use for which it was designed are sufficient. The smaller shelf instead I have tested with 1 kg, and holds well, being a secondary shelf only serves for small objects not too heavy.
  • The “full optional” version and totally foldable once closed is compact and easy to transport. On request I can also supply a practical bag to carry it around, it is padded and solid! As it is built and assembled by hand and by hand, every buyer, when the lectern will be in production, at the time of order can write me the size he prefers, the total height of the feet once fully open, if you want the version with rigid feet or foldable, if you want the second shelf, etc. including the preferred color of both the aluminum structure and the shelf … the final price will be established based on all these choices and features of personalization.Only on Kickstarter you can buy my lectern of the customized color at the same price of the standard colors, or the natural aluminum-colored structure and the transparent plexiglass! The dimensions instead during this fundraising will be standard, that is 60-61 cm of width, 29-30 of length, approximately 33 cm of maximum height, but I can evaluate each case personal requests to try to please every single supporter.
  • Perfect for work, artists, those who love living outdoors, those who love to eat in bed, those unable to move from bed or chair … but also as a gift for students, colleagues, children …..
  • Thank you for your attention and your time. Even if you do not contribute to my Kickstarter fundraising, I would like to thank anyone who has viewed my product. Thank you very much to Kickstarter for giving me the opportunity to raise money for my project and give visibility to my idea.
  • I am a geologist from many years, always sensitive to environmental and eco-sustainable issues, so much that as a main job I deal with research and containment of pollutants, especially in gas stations. My lectern is made of aluminum, a light metal and very durable over time, so that you can take advantage of it for years and years and help reduce garbage by not having to buy it again frequently. The joints are made of solid plastic, but these components are reduced to a minimum, I tried to use aluminum as much as possible. The shelf is solid plexiglass, I could not unfortunately use glass, even if more ecological, because it is obviously heavier and brittle.
  • In case of shipping I prefer, and I suggest to my supporters, the version with folding legs because it cluttered less space and requires less packaging … it costs a little more than the version with stiff legs but in addition to being more functional and less cumbersome at home when you do not need it, it helps to pollute less because it requires less packaging.
  • When, like every object, I hope, after many years of use, the life of my lectern can easily be dismantled into its components … there are no welds, the plastic joints are firmly stuck but not glued so when you need to recycle it you can detach the various plastic parts from aluminum.And the plexiglass shelf is firmly fixed with aluminum rivets, just drill them with a drill and separate the metal from the plexiglass.If you bought the version with power bank you can detach the power bank with the drill because even that is riveted and throw it in the appropriate collection centers for electronic material.This prototype was made with purchased standard joints, but if I manage to get the funds I will be able to make joints designed by me and made of die-cast both recycled plastics and aluminium casting made from solid pieces of recycled aluminum machined with cnc machines. a lower environmental impact.

Risks and challenges

The challenges I have to face are many, but not insurmountable.If this fundraising will be successful, first of all I will have to look for a small rented warehouse where you can finally work in a suitable space, after which I will have to buy work tables, adequate equipment precision but always for artisan work, consumables such as aluminum profiles, plexiglass in large slabs etc …., a 3D printer to independently produce the plastic parts and possibly customize the designs and colors according to the requests of the customers, set up a warehouse area for painting, both powder and spray and buy materials and equipment, choose the most reliable suppliers and with the highest quality materials. One of the first objectives will be to obtain certifications of suitability and safety by the authorities. Last but not least there is the bureaucracy, security systems, organize an area in which to handle the shipping between packaging made on purpose and a space in which to store from the raw material to the finished product ready for shipment. Finally there is the waste disposal talk in an area of ​​the warehouse in which to separate aluminum from plastic, paper, plexiglass, etc. … The risks are not being able to organize everything by myself, but I’m sure I can count on at least 2 other employees, initially part time, and according to the reservations of my lectern can become full time.Other little inconvenience is the time necessary to the bureaucracy to get permits and checks, but with my work as a geologist I’m used to safety and safe product testing.


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